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The Race! The Race!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not very funny...

you guys do too much stuff, (not that im asking for you to do less, quite the contrary), its, just, about half of what you do i really love, and the other half is just, mueee... ok i guess, keep it up and congrats

TmsT's "Spy & Pyro" TmsT's "Spy & Pyro"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

didnt even knew the game

Wow, thanks man, you just made me laugh so much,
i had to check what the game was, (not much of a gamer), but thats great to have been blown away even before i could compare the characters, amazing, sleek animation
just please, dont use the comic persecussion track again, well, do whatever the hell you want, i just hate it, its been too long and it has never been funny for me, die! scooby doo! or whatever invented it, anyway congrats man

TmsT responds:

I'm not sure which track you mean, but I won't be using most of these tracks in the foreseeable future anyway. They've had a good run in this video.

Super Smash Super Smash

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Had an amazing time!

Veeeeery cool man, congrats
why does luigi get stronger by somking weed?
Why does mario leave the poor princess moist and needy for some of the old? is it because his character as changed in the actual world would be gay? HAHAHA
no, really enjoyed that, please make more, try adding some sound effects

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Cyanide & Happiness Book Cyanide & Happiness Book

Rated 5 / 5 stars

money stall

get ready to get rich man

Pokemon: Fated Battle Pokemon: Fated Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


dont really like pokemon, but amazing movie, must have worked so very much to finish this, its great that you showed how much of a fan you are, now put that effort in your own new idea! congrats

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Tyrant-D responds:

Actually I'm not much of a fan of pokemon, but I think it has a very good concept. Keeping a monster in your pocket and summoning out to demolish your next door neighbours car XD it just sounds great!

ChristMASS Inc. ChristMASS Inc.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


yeah, just great man, so funny,
keep the good stuff coming

A Letter from God A Letter from God

Rated 5 / 5 stars


hey lankie,

congrats, its a great flash that i quite enjoyed, 2 suggestions:

1. its great that you made the lyrics available for reading, but i would have preffered if you put them as subtitles, its obvious you already thought of that and you found reasons not to, like: having visual interference, or having them medle with your "titles dinamic", but i think you could hide the subtitles when they are not needed or something.

2. I guess the author of the song is someone known, but if you happen to have contact with him/her/whatever, it would be great if you had a version of the track with the vocals pumped a little bit cause they seem faded with the musical context they are in. Just replace the track of your swf.

take care

Lankie responds:

Haha! Thanks!

well 1:
Im not brilliant at codey stuff, so on/off subtitles are out of the picture, not to mention this was made for my Media practical, so it had to be like a conventional music video as much as possible.

I wish I knew dan Le Sac personally but alas I don't, sorry!

My World of Newgrounds My World of Newgrounds

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

yeah... wasted time...

Well, let´s see...
A well planned video of yourself that interacts with flash with harmony.
Ok, it has merit, you probably spent a lot of hours making this, as well as the script. The question i would like to ask most newgrounds animators is: Why spend so much time and effort to do stuff that dosent deserve it? I wish i had that kind of free time and flash skills to do ORIGINAL, CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE work...

What you did, we have already seen,
what you say is boring man, why do we want to know your hobbies and tastes in music? And after all, its just pictures of cds and video game covers and small animations. Besides, every bit of information you give is a clue to an undeniable harsh truth:
you are just a nobody

i mean, you're life is playing videogames? and animating stuff that is based on those videogames? you listen to a type of music that is not the root of comerciality but it represents a steriotype as well...
were you running out of ideas or why did you put your little story about the guys that praise you at school for your flashes??? seems to me you love them for loving your mediocre work and wanted to include that in your flash to come out as having fans and being in the position of not caring, well it actually says the contrary...
oh right, your account name is "cobra0528", coooolll, cobraaa... are you happy being the fifth hundred twentyeight guy to put that name, or whatever the number stands for?
ok, you want to control fire and fly, ask your neighbor if he wants that as well...
i really hope you are very very young my friend, so you have time to define a different personality, one you can call your own...
overall: get a life

sorry, im usually not this cruel, i guess the fact that i dont know you personally makes it a little bit fun to tell you all this, so again, sorry.
pardon my english language mistakes

cobra0528 responds:

I am sorry to say that I left the boring side of my life out of know, the one that people on this site cannot relate to. For example, the countless hours I spend at work. Oooo...that would be so interesting to hear. Also, this was not for someone like you. This is for the type of person that would be interested in my previous animations and wants to know about me. Clearly, that is not you. Plus...I have learned to ignore people like you who just look at the small picture. No matter what you say, I like what I like, some people DO want to know these things, more people liked this than didn't, and I had fun making this. This video more represented the things that I wish I could find the time to do now, but I cannot. I need to focus on getting myself a nice car and moved out, hence all the work I do. I am sure everyone would have LOVED to know that.

With My Mind's Madness With My Mind's Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

an unforgetable experience...

I dont really like madness much, neither am i fan of this kind of music, or heavy violence, i was expecting something completely different. However, in a bizarre way, a bunch of elements i usually dont like much, came together in this piece to be one of the greatest flash i have ever seen in about 5 newground years. (definitely top 5) Your flash blew me away;

The music just mixes perfectly with the images, and its not too rough, great tune.

The backgrounds are genius, really adds to creating the dramatic setting. Blurred clouds with tones of red and purple, amazing man...

The drafts, drawings (not sure what the word in english is) have the coolest style, and they move with such naturality, its clear that you comprehend movement and dimensions masterfully. how they gain or loose detail and size in different circumstances according to whats happening... breathtaking

Incredible use of light and shadows, perfect relefction.

A very cinematic video, the takes in my opinion mix perfectly with the action. Did you use storyborad?

Probably the only thing i would change is the take were jebus mouths the lyrics, dont think that was needed at all. Overall, i will never forget this flash, i hope you're aware of your great talent and you never deprive the world of it, continue with your work with bigger ambition each time. Thats what i would do if i had what you have, at least i try what's in my hands to do, hope you take the time to reply this comment, cheers for a truly great flash.

Hey, are you planning to contact "Cold" and show them your flash? its not for the less.

MindChamber responds:

I would love cold to see the flash, but I heard they broke up which sucks the only site I see of colds is a fan site.

as for the storyboard stuff, thats usually how my flashes start I put the music or dialogue in flash and ruffly sketch out every shot. as for jebus mouthing off the lyrics,
thats one of those touch-n-go scenarios where it simply doesn't work for everyone. personally when I Imagined it, It gave me chills. Its meant to be like hes chanting those words more so than actually saying them, if you get me. As if, if the music was off, his chant to raise zombies is " make you believe" I probably needed to make a more entranced shot of jebus to pull it off more effectively but alot of people still got my intentions and dug it, but also alot didn't. so just one of those things.
thanks for the review

Soup Soup

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

stolen style

don't tell me you were not thinking about the weebl (magical trevor, pork, do you have a waffle, etc) when you were making this. I've seen your work and i think is great, i think this flash degrades what you have done in the past, keep up the good, original work

Noodle responds:

I admit, I did have Pork in mind when I made this.
It was almost like a tribute to it.

I didnt think it degraded my style though :(
I tried to keep it somewhat my own